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Make a lasting investment in your wedding or quinceanera by hiring a photographer that you love. If you find a photographer that you have a real connection with, you’ll be happy with your photography.  Our goal is to make your event photography, and the entire experience of working with Studios George Martinez, great.


Our collections start at:: $1600

- Photography by Luis Martinez Lead Photographer
(8) Hours of Photography Coverage.
Unlimited Locations.
Unlimited photo's taken through the day.
Reserve for a low down payment of $499.

Tailored Collections Available


Our Wedding Films Start at:: $2000

Artistic - Creative - Unique
“We love meeting new couples, learning their stories and capturing the love, emotion and spirit of their wedding. We believe that a wedding film is essential for keeping your precious memories close and we produce movies that help you do just that.

What make us different

Our Mision:

“Unlike many of the standard wedding photographer & videographers  in the industry who just “point and shoot”, our goal is to create dynamic photography & cinematography that bridges together the vivid interplay of emotions shared among your family and friends in a candid, intimate fusion of imagery, sound and movement.

To us, a wedding, quinceaneras and social events are such a special day because it is not only the culmination of months or years of planning, but is the heralding of a new chapter in a people’s life. The love and union of the bride and groom and the magnificent energy of friends and family coming together touches my very core. From a moving speech delivered by the best man, to the stirring moment when a father lets go of his daughter’s hand after walking her down the aisle, to the incomparable look between a bride and groom during their first dance together, the wedding is filled with riveting moments that take your breath away – moments that I am dedicated to preserving for family and friends to cherish for years to come.

Filming and capturing the soul and romance of an event is not just a job for us – or even just an art – but a true calling. It is life at its richest and most beautiful, not staged or contrived, and infinitely more fabulous to film than any Hollywood movie or television show. I feel incredibly blessed to have had an opportunity to film so many wonderful weddings and events, and am deeply grateful to the amazing people whose stories I’ve had a chance to tell on film…..and those that have yet to occur!”


Located in Los Angeles, CA

TEL :: 562.826.3162